Self-Care Blog January 2021

Back in my first blog back in July 2011 I talked about how ‘the times were a changing’ and in 2021 change continues! 

 In England, we are once again in lockdown due to Covid-19. 
As a therapist and teacher, I am unable to do close contact therapies with clients. Despite not being able to have close contact therapies at present, we still need to find ways to look after ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally and self-care is great way to achieve this. 
 Today I thought about how the winter weather, central healing and the fact that we are again in lockdown can affect us. So I had a relaxing bath and had some me-time using my much loved Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic products. I treated my skin to some self-care by giving myself a facial and also by exfoliating my body with Geranium & Orange Exfoliating scrub. 

If you would like to find out how you can give your skin some self-care, I am running free Winter Skincare Self Care sessions on Facebook via a private group/Zoom and other online mediums. 

You can purchase Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic products from here 
 I have also done some more “Lockdown Learning’ and did a Self-Massage Indian Head Massage course. I was pleasantly surprised how relaxing giving yourself a massage is! This is now something I am offering to my clients. 
 This is some feedback from one of my clients :- 
 Given that one to one therapy sessions are not practicable in the current lockdown environment, l was very pleased to find that Julie Wootten is offering remote sessions, using whichever communication system the client prefers. I signed up for the Indian Head Massage via FaceTime.  Julie led me through warm up exercises and then moved on through the hands, arms, neck and even my hair was involved at the end! The session left me very relaxed and I was very impressed at the professional manner in which Julie guided me through the remote therapy. I will definitely be back for more! 
 Meditation is another self-care method and especially great for our mind and emotions. I meditate regularly and it helps me greatly. 
I have written a Blog about the benefits of meditation and it can be viewed at here.
During lockdown, I have been recording meditations for my clients for £5 a month for 1-2 meditations per month. Here is one that you can listen to for free at here 
 It was recorded for the energy of 11th November, but it can be listened to at any time! But it will have special significance when an 11 is involved with the date or time of listening – e.g. 11th January, 11.11 am, 1.11pm 
Another of my favourite self-care activities is taking some time out with my crystals. Just by holding a crystal and asking it to help you some way can bring great benefit. I like to sit or lay in a layout/grid of Carnelian, one of my favourite crystals (as regular readers of this blog will know!) For this layout, you will need 6 pieces of Carnelian (I sell mail-order crystals if you don’t have any Carnelian!) 

 This is the layout:-

Try this for 5 minutes or longer if you can.
You can read more about the benefits of this layout in my Blog from January 2015 at here.
We should all try and take some time out for ourselves for some self-care, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
Why not try some of the suggestions in this Blog or leave a comment with your own favourite self-care tips.
Please comment below if you are interested in finding out more of any of the above.
Enjoy these changing times and take good care of yourself.
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