This is a short introduction about us and why we started Body In Balance.

Body in Balance came about because of Julie’s own ill health and the failure of conventional medicine to help her.

Julie trained as a teacher and worked in schools in Kent and Northampton, teaching Home Economics and later P.E. – hence here interest in food and health matters.

She kept suffering with fatigue and throat problems, but courses of antibiotics did nothing to help this. She struggled on until eventually her body said enough is enough. After a long period of ill health Julie was diagnosed with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

After several years with very little improvement, Julie turned to Complementary Therapies for help. She had Healing over a period of time and as her health improved she trained as a Healer (and qualified in 2001) and continued to help herself.

Julie was given a crystal to help with her energy levels and was surprised at how much it helped her. This was a pivotal point that led Julie to study crystals.

Meditation also helped Julie greatly. Not only did it relax her, but also gave her insights into herself and her life. In fact the ideas of what she should do as a new career and even the name Body in Balance came to her during meditations!

Julie initially offered therapies that helped her.

The business has continued to evolve as Julie’s desire to learn more about health and wellbeing has lead her to continue to train¬†for new therapies.

Barry joined the business in 2013 when he embarked on a journey to develop his passion for health an fitness

We work out of our home in Brockenhurst, in the New Forest, Hampshire. Julie has a bespoke room for her therapies and meditations. Barry has a well-equipped purpose-built gym.

By arrangement, we do also run sessions from other locations.  Please see my events page or website for more details.

Many people who have met with me and attended my workshops are more than surprised by the impact they themselves experience.

Come and experience for yourself and see how you can personally benefit.

Please note:-

Although complementary therapies can and do help many people, medical advice should also be sought from your GP for any existing medical conditions you may have.