The Twelve Fifth-Dimensional Chakras

In August 2013 I wrote a blog about the 12 chakras.  In this blog I aim to expand on this subject.
As this planet continues to ascend, we are moving from having seven 
third-dimensional chakras to having twelve fifth-dimensional chakras.
I have read that the Earth Star chakra, (which is 30cm below your feet), is one of the first to come in as we need to be grounded to help us at this time. 
The crystal Hematite can help with this as it is a very grounding crystal.

Grounding Exercise
  • Choose a piece of Hematite to hold (or another grounding crystal such as Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, etc).
  • Ask permission to use the crystal and programme it to ground you.
  • Sit comfortably with your feet in the ground.
  • Focus on your breathing – nice slow deep breaths.  When your breathing is calm, the body and mind will follow.
  • Visualise roots (like the roots of a plant or tree) growing out of the bottom of your feet.
  • See them as lovely, thick roots.
  • Visualise these roots going down through your Earth Star chakra, (which is 30cm below your feet) and going deep down into Mother Earth.
  • As they go deep, deep down the roots find and tie around a beautiful piece of Hematite deep in Mother Earth.
  • The Hematite and Mother Earth keep you grounded and strong.
  • Keep that lovely strong grounded feeling with you as you bring your attention back to the here and now, ready to face your everyday life.

Keeping your chakras healthy is a vital part of keeping ourselves healthy.  Knowing how to balance your chakras can help. 
I am running a Chakra workshop on Friday 13th November from 9.30am until 3.30pm
The workshop will look at:
·                  What are the Chakras
·                  The 12 major Chakras and their function
·                  How they link with our physical & emotional health
·                  How we can keep our chakras “healthy”
·                  Using Crystals to cleanse and balance the chakras
·                  Meditation to cleanse and energise your chakras
Cost £50 paid for in advance  (prior booking required). The price includes a set of 12 chakra crystals and a pouch to store them in.

Please contact me for further information.