The Twelve Chakras

Up until recently, it was thought that we had seven major chakras (from the Sanskrit word wheel) or energy centres in the body.
It is now thought that there are twelve major chakras as there were in Atlantean times.  As we become more spiritual and move from the third dimension to the fifth dimension the twelve chakras become more evolved.
When our energy centres are unblocked and free flowing, we enjoy optimum health and wellbeing.
However, if our chakras are not in balance, the free flow of energy (or prana/ki/chi), is impeded, leading to physical, emotional, mental or spiritual unease.
Chakras can become blocked by negative thought and feelings, regrets, worries, fear and also from pollution and what we eat.
Crystal Healing, meditating and using crystals on the chakras can have positive health benefits as they can help keep the chakras unblocked and spinning with health and vitality. 
To teach people more about the Twelve Chakras and how we can keep them working optimally, I will be running a Twelve Chakra Workshop on Saturday 7th September.  Please contact me via the comments box below for more information