Preparing for the Cosmic Moment – with Crystals

In my first blog “The Times they are a Changing” I talked about the crystal Calcite that can help us work through changing times.
As 2012 speeds along, we are getting nearer to 21st December 2012.  This is the second of two cosmic moments (the first was on 11th November 2011 and I held a meditation session to embrace this moment) and it is said to be the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth that there has ever been.
The twelve spiritual chakras of the planet will open and this will profoundly affect everyone.  
It was no coincidence that the Olympic Games was held in London as London is the spiritual Earth Star Chakra of planet earth.  The energy and enthusiasm that the Olympics generated greatly helped the planets Earth Star chakra to bring  in great light in preparation for the cosmic event.  The rain prior to the Olympics helped to wash away negativity from the Earth Star Chakra and was a necessary process.  (I wonder if the current rainy weather is also a necessary cleansing process?) 
Diana Cooper’s website has more information about this and can be found at
In this blog  I will touch on the four crystals that Diana Cooper recommends us to work with to help us prepare for the changes  for 21st December 2012.  They are  Calcite, Selenite, Hematite and Kyanite.
Calcite (any colour) will help to open your Stellar Gateway chakra (this is approximately 30cm or 12” above the top of your head and is thought to be your link with Source).

I will not go into further details of Calcite’s properties as this can be read in my first blog of July 2011 at

I will however look at another recommended crystal, Selenite in this blog at look at the two other recommended crystals in future blogs.
Selenite is a beautiful crystal with a high vibration and works with and activates your Soul Star chakra.  This chakra is the link between the Stella Gateway and the Causual and Crown chakras.   Its purpose is to take the pure energy of the Stella Gateway and filter it into the soul level of spiritually–attuned people. For the Soul Star Chakra to activated, the Earth Star chakra must also be in balance.
Selenite can show us how to bring divine laws and spiritual principles into our everyday lives and will help us prepare for 21st December 2012 and beyond! 
Selenite also has many other qualities, some of which I have summarised below:-

  • Selenite is a very powerful crystal.
  • Selenite is a calm stone that instils a deep peace.
  • Selenite prevents anything external from influencing the mind and promotes clarity of the mind.
  • It expands ones awareness of the self and ones surroundings.
  • Selenite is excellent for meditation or spiritual work.
  • Selenite assists judgement and insight.
  • Selenite is a powerful disperser and stabiliser of erratic emotions 
  • Mentally, Selenite clears confusion and aids seeing the deeper picture.  It brings about an understanding of what has occurred at a subconscious level.
  • Selenite works deep and rids a person of heaviness of time.
  • Selenite helps to align the spinal column and promotes flexibility.
  • Selenite reverses the effects of “free radicals”.
  • Selenite neutralises mercury poisoning from dental amalgam.
  • Selenite has the power to stimulate cellular regeneration and may even increase one’s life span.
  • Translucent Selenite helps to access the angelic consciousness and higher guidance.
  • Placing a large piece of Selenite in the house ensures a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Selenite wands can be used to detach unwanted “items” from the aura.
  • Selenite pinpoints lessons and issues that are still being worked upon and shows how they can be best resolved.
  • Selenite can be used to see into the future or ascertain what happened in the past.

Using Selenite

Hold Selenite for the greatest benefit.
Selenite can be used to form a protective grid around a house, creating a safe and quiet space that does not allow outside influences in.  Place a piece of Selenite in each internal corner of the house.


Selenite dissolves when wet.

I find Selenite a very peaceful and calming crystal and one I enjoy working with.  Just holding a piece of Selenite brings peace and meditating with it often brings great clarity.
I hope you enjoy it too!
I am running a workshop about how to work with and activate the Twelve Chakras.  Please contact me via the comments page for more details.