New Year

Happy New year to you.
The New Year gives us time to reflect on our lives and work out what we want to achieve and how we can go about it.  We can turn over a new leaf, start afresh.
Many people make resolutions about improving health or fitness.  Sometimes our spiritual health gets overlooked. 
I believe we need to take a holistic look at our lives and as well as working on our physical health, we also need to look at our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
Working with crystals can help with this holistic approach as they work on all levels of our being -physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
So why don’t you pick up a crystal now.  Do it by intuition or see blog ‘Crystals for these Changing Times’ January 2014 for some ideas.
Cleanse it in a way that resonates with you (see blog of Oct 2013)
Ask permission to work with it (see blog of June 2015)
Programme it to help you in some way (e.g. help you to relax, clear your mind, energise you etc)
Get yourself comfortable
Ask that you are grounded and protected
Take your awareness to your breathing. 
Take slow deep breaths, breathing out tension, worries, pain
Breathe in the energy from your crystal.  Let it fill your whole being
Listen to your intuition as you may get information, ideas, things you can work on
Enjoy this time for you.
When it is time to return to your everyday life, thank your crystal for working with you.
Feel your feet on the ground
Visualise a bubble of protective energy surrounding you.
When you are ready, return to your everyday life.
Remember you can do this any time!

If you would like to connect more with yourself holistically, I run regular meditation session in Brockenhurst, New Forest, Hampshire. 
The meditation sessions are either Crystal meditations, Angel meditations, ‘general’ meditations, or meditations for spiritual development
The sessions cost £10 and include refreshments.
Forthcoming dates for January meditation sessions are:-
Thursday 5th January starting at 10.30am
Monday 9th January – start time to be confirmed
Thursday 12th January starting at 10.30am
Monday 23rd January – start time to be confirmed
Thursday 26th January starting at 10.30am
Monday 30th January – start time to be confirmed
Please contact me via the comments for further information.