Meditation – Your New Year’s Resolution?

Happy New year to you!
Last year my Blog (see January 2017) commented on ‘how the New Year gives us time to reflect on our lives, and work out what we want to achieve and how we can go about it.  We can turn over a new leaf, start afresh.
Many people make resolutions about improving health or fitness.  Sometimes our spiritual health gets overlooked. 
I believe we need to take a holistic look at our lives and as well as working on our physical health, we also need to look at our emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing’.
The blog also went on to look at how choosing a crystal and sitting with it can help us spiritually, to find calm, give us healing and perhaps give us answers to questions.
This year I want to revisit the topic of meditation (see Blog February 2012). I regularly spend time meditating myself and feel that its helps my sanity! Having the time to calm my mind brings peace to my whole being.  It often also brings me clarity, new ideas and wisdom.
Meditation doesn’t have to time consuming (although you can spend time on it if you choose to!) Just focusing on your breathing for 5 minutes can bring calm to your body and mind.  Give it a try, focusing on slow deep breaths, breathing right in to the abdomen.
There are many different types of meditation  and these days there are lots of ways to experience them through apps, YouTube videos, CD’s etc.
I have recorded 3 Meditation CD’s  (Morning and Evening – CD 1, Calm -CD2 and Chakra Meditation -CD3).  This year I want to record an updated Chakra CD that works with the 12 Chakras, so watch this space.
I also very much enjoy running Meditation sessions for groups and individuals of all ages.  It is very gratifying to see how people grow spiritually during these sessions.
I felt privileged to run a session for two young girls just before Christmas.  During their session they did three meditations and found inner peace and got such great insights into their lives. Seeing them so refreshed and relaxed at the end of the session was truly special for me.
If you feel that Meditation would be beneficial to you, I urge you to give it a try.  Buy a CD, try and app, find a class.
I run classes from my home in the New Forest.

I will be holding a Meditation session on Friday 12th January from 10.30am – 12.30pm
During these monthly guided Meditation sessions we study and meditate with a different crystal/angel/topic each month.
The session on Friday 2nd February will be a Crystal Meditation session.
These cost £10 per session.  The cost includes refreshments.  For Crystal and Angel Meditation sessions, you will be given the crystal that you meditate with and a handout.
I also run bespoke meditation sessions for individuals and small groups run at mutually acceptable times.  I can tailor these sessions for specific requirements e.g. spiritual development/angel/crystal/dragon meditations or to help with relaxation, anxiety, depression, moving forward in your life etc.
Please contact me via the comments below for location details.