We all have an inner knowing, a gut feeling.  Sometimes we listen to this intuition, sometimes we don’t!
Whilst working in my treatment room recently, my eyes kept getting drawn to a piece of unpolished Moonstone that was in the room.

This happened a few days before I was going to visit a friend and I had the feeling that I needed to take the Moonstone for my friend.
Sometimes in our busy lives, we don’t always listen to our intuition and I can be guilty of this.  However, on this occasion I did go along with my intuition, even though I was not sure why I needed to take Moonstone to my friend.
It turned out that my friend had a problem that Moonstone can help with!  I was so pleased that I had listened to my intuition and my friend was delighted with her piece of Moonstone.
So my message from this Blog is to trust your intuition and listen to that voice within, whether it be a thought, feeling, a gut instinct.
Below is some of the properties of Moonstone


  • Aids Intuition
  • The feminine stone
  • Helps Premenstrual tension,
  • Eases period pains
  • Powerful effect upon the reproductive cycle
  • Helps conception, pregnancy, childbirth breastfeeding and the menopause.
  • Soothes, calms & balances emotions
  • Connected to the moon
  • Aids empathy
  • Aids digestive system, assimilating nutrients and eliminating toxins
  • Helps develop psychic abilities
  • Balances fluid imbalances
  • Attunes to biorhythmic clock
  • A stone of new beginnings
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