How I Use Crystals (part 1)

As you know, I love crystals (perhaps that is an understatement!)

I was recently invited to give a talk about crystals to a lovely group of people in Lymington.  I talked to the group about how I use crystals in my life and I thought I would share some of what I told them in this blog.  Sometimes it is good to have a reminder of what we can do to help ourselves.

How I use crystals
For me, I use crystals in:-

Elixirs – one of my absolute favourite ways for using crystals.  The crystal energy goes straight into your physical body.  Once you’ve purchased the crystals, it is the ultimate reusable product.  I have three elixirs on the go and as soon as one bottle is emptied, I refill the bottle, leave it to infuse and drink the next one in line!
Instructions on making elixirs can be found on my previous blog

Meditation – I feel that meditating with crystals takes the meditation experience to the next level.  If you haven’t tried holding crystals whilst meditating, I suggest you give it a try.
For those who live local to me, I run crystal meditation sessions. Please enquire for details.

Self Healing from crystals– whenever I can, I use crystals for self healing, by placing them on my body. I try and spend a few minutes each morning putting crystals on or around my body.  I keep some crystals close to my bed and choose some (using my intuition – what I am drawn to) to put on or around my body.
I also keep some crystals by my bath and hold them and/or put some on my body.

The usual ‘rules’ of cleansing/energising and programming crystals applies to help you get the best out of them.  See
I will continue this in a future blog. I hope you are able to try some/all of my suggestions to see how crystals can benefit your health and wellbeing.