Whilst going through the house-buying process with all its pitfalls and tribulations, I was drawn to use Hematite.
When I re-visited its properties I released what a good choice it was! 
Some of its wonderful properties are listed here :-
v  Hematite is from the Greek word “haematites” which means “blood-like”.  It was known as “bloodstone” during the middle ages.  The Egyptians used Hematite to staunch the flow of blood from wounds and for the formation of blood cells.
v  Hematite ranges in colour from grey to black with a shiny lustre.  Unpolished, Hematite has red tones.
v  Being traditionally associated with the blood, hematite can benefit blood disorders.
v  Hematite is used to treat anaemia (as it is composed of 70% iron itself), especially when there is a lack of vitality.
v  Hematite improves the quality of the red blood cells 
v  Hematite makes for better usage of iron in the diet.
v  Hematite has the ability to reduce blood pressure. 
v  Hematite aids circulatory problems and is especially useful for treating Reynaud’s Disease.
v  It is recommended for use during childbirth, partly to prevent excessive bleeding and partly to keep everyone calm, due to it’s calming effect on the nerves.
v  It is said to be the “stone of the mind” as it helps one to sort out things in one’s mind.  It is also useful for mental attunement.
v  Because of Hematite’s affinity with the base chakra, it is particularly good grounding crystal.  It helps those who feel heady and ungrounded, especially after therapeutic treatments.
v  As well as drawing negativity from the base chakra, Hematite will prevent you from absorbing the negativity of others.
v  It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure.
v  Hematite is a calming stone that helps to soothe the nerves and is useful for alleviating stress and anxiety.
v  Hematite prevents negative energy from entering the aura.
v  Hematite gives us courage, strength, endurance and vitality.
v  Hematite has the ability to help you “keep your cool” – mentally as well as physically.  So place it on the forehead to reduce a fever or on any painful and inflamed area of the body to cool them.
v  Hematite is beneficial for arthritis sufferers due to the benefits above.
v  Hematite is beneficial for getting rid of leg cramps.
v  Hematite is useful for muscular-skeletal conditions.
v  Placing Hematite on the base of the spine or on an area if misalignment is said to help adjust the vertebrae.
v  It assists the healing of fractures
v  Hematite is a good kidney cleanser.
v  Hematite is beneficial for insomnia sufferers.
v  Hematite harmonises the body, mind and spirit. 
v  Hematite has a strong yang element, redressing yin imbalances.  It also balances the meridians
v  Hematite is beneficial for legal situations.
v  Psychologically, Hematite gives strength.  It boosts self-esteem and imparts confidence.
v  Hematite is especially beneficial for timid women.
v  Hematite boosts willpower.  Especially useful for those who over-eat, smoke or generally over-indulge and want to do something about it. 
v  Hematite helps you come to terms with your mistakes and to accept them as learning experiences rather than disasters.
v  Mentally, Hematite stimulates concentration and focus.  It enhances memory and original thought.
v  Hematite is especially useful for the study of mathematical and technical subjects.
v  It brings the mind’s attention to basic survival needs and helps to sort out problems of all kind.
v  Hematite is conducive to enabling one to entering into a loving relationship and is said to attract “kind” love.
Using Hematite
CarryHematite in your pocket to protect you from the negativity of others.
Use as an elixir for fevers.
Hematite is very grounding and is the main crystal to activate the Earth Star chakra.
Animal Healing
Benefits animals in transit
Calming for groups of animals, where agitation can spark off a reaction.
Useful for shocks to the system.