Crystals for Phoebe the Cat

Happy New Year to you.

When the owner of Phoebe the cat contacted me to ask if I could supply some crystals to help Phoebe with her pregnancy, I was delighted to be able to help.

I ascertained that Phoebe had seen a vet and was receiving veterinary care.

As well as crystals for the pregnancy, Phoebe’s owner also asked for crystals for the birth, pain relief, calming, reassurance and to help Phoebe bond with her kittens.

When selecting crystals for orders by mail, I do a little bit of research but then always dowse to see which crystals would best suit the client. Although when you look in a crystal book, certain crystals may be indicated for a condition, they might not be the best crystal for the client (for many reasons, including ones that I am not aware of – e.g. lifestyle, previous illness or even past lives!)

The crystals that were indicated for Phoebe were:-

Hematite,Smoky Quartz, Moonstone, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli

For the kittens to help them adjust and bond:-

Citrine, Jade, Clear Quartz, Rhodonite

I suggested that prior to the birth, Phoebe’s owner make a crystal elixir spray for Phoebe and also one for the kittens as this is a great, safe way of using crystals safely around animals. Instructions on making Crystal Elixirs can be found in my blog at

Then nearer the birth I suggested placing Phoebe’s crystals be placed around her.

Close to the birth I received this message:

“Phoebe is due any day now and enjoying chilling with her crystals. Today she was laying on her Hematite and playing with her Moonstone. She’s super relaxed.”

A few days later I received this message

“Mummy and babies thriving. All have their crystals with them.

5! Three tabbies one black and white and one black

Mummy Phoebe is amazing we are in awe of her. She had them all with no noise or fuss. We missed them arriving but they came between 1 and 4am on Wednesday”.

The next message I had was:

“Phoebe and her kittens are doing very well. My thoughts are turning towards the coming weeks when the babies will soon go to their new homes. We will be keeping two and three have wonderful home lined up. Their departures will be staggered so as not to distress any of them too badly.

I would really like a crystal for each kitten to go to with them their new homes.

I will tell you little bit about their personalities which may help and would you mind choosing the appropriate Crystal and sending it to me for each one please and also something to help Phoebe with her separation and grief. She has been an excellent mum and will miss them for sure but they are more than ready already at six weeks of age! They are thriving. But they will go in two weeks – eight weeks and one will go at nine weeks of age.”

“Bella is very bold and brave. Loves her food and is keen to interact with humans. She has had a lot of visitors from her new owner. I’m not worried about her one bit.”

“Kiki is a shy tabby that in the last week has really come out of her shell is enjoying being handled and interacting with the group. She sits back and thinks about things before diving in but once she is comfortable she has a really comical character. She is a picky eater.”

“Buzz has the greatest challenge ahead of him. He is a sensitive chap and prefers to sit back and think about things before he attempts them. He eats really well and has started to show good hunting instincts. He is shy of being handled.”

“I would like to think we can help them with a crystal or two in their beds for the first few nights.

Do you think this is something you can help with please?”
I dowsed and came up with the following:-

Kiki – Hematite (give confidence to timid females)

Bella – Clear Quartz

Phoebe – Amethyst & Chrysoprase

Buzz – Aventurine and Rose Quartz – dissipates fears, gives confidence & love

The kittens went off to their new home with a little package of crystals to help them adjust to their new lives.

Phoebe had crystals to help her to adjust to life after kittens.

I felt privileged to be able to help Phoebe and her kittens.

If you feel that crystals would help you or your pets, please do contact me. Crystals can help with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Crystals will be chosen specifically for you. A photo of the selected crystals and prices will be emailed to you. When you are happy with the selection, the crystals will be posted out to you. Depending on the crystals chosen, postage usually cost between £1.06 and £3.55

Please note, crystals should be kept out of reach from inquisitive animals and small children so they can’t be “eaten’ or become a choking hazard. This is why crystal elixirs are a good way to use crystals with children and animals (and adults too!)