Asking Permission to Work with Crystals

During my monthly Crystal Meditation group, one of the group members, Joanne, (Joanne O’Hare from Divine Life got the message from the crystal that crystals would like us to ask them for permission before we work with them.  It was also requested that the message is spread to other crystal users (hence this blog).

So next time you pick up a crystal, ask permission from the crystal for you to work with it and see if it makes a difference with your interaction with the crystal.

It is something that I now incorporate with my work with the lovely crystals and also something I ask people to do during crystal meditations etc.

Also remember to thank the crystal for working with afterwards.

So why don’t you pick up a crystal now.  Do it by intuition.
Cleanse it in a way that resonates with you (see blog of Oct 2013)
Ask permission to work with it
Programme it to help you in some way
(e.g. clear your mind, energise you etc)
Get yourself comfortable
Ask that you are grounded and protected
Take your awareness to your breathing. 
Take slow deep breaths, breathing out tension, worries, pain
Breathe in the energy from your crystal. 
Let it fill your whole being
Enjoy this time for you.
 When it is time to return to your everyday life, thank your crystal for working with you.
Feel your feet on the ground
Visualise a bubble of protective energy surrounding you.
When you are ready, return to your everyday life.
Remember you can do this any time!