Lockdown Learning

Lockdown gave me the opportunity to learn some new skills.

I learnt to make Sourdough bread using gluten-free flours.

I made Sauerkraut with home grown cabbages.

I pushed myself very much out of my comfort zone and did recordings of songs at home for the choir I belong to.  The results of the recordings can be viewed at https://www.youtube.com/c/SweetCharityChoirUK/videos

I also undertook courses in Tsuboki Facial Massage and Tsuboki Hand Massage. When I couldn’t do the planned training face-to-face, the tutor sent me reading materials so I could learn the theory until we could meet up in person. 

When we could meet up and complete the training, this was done with face visors and in the garden.

After this, I was then able to start my case studies. At first, I was only able to do Tsuboki Hand Massage case studies and I was grateful to my local friends who allowed me to practice on them, out in my garden.

When the go-ahead was given for facials, I was able to complete my case studies for Tsuboki Facial Massage too.

I am pleased to say that I passed the training and am now qualified in both Tsuboki Hand massage and Tsuboki Facial Massage.

So what is Tsuboki Massage?

A tsubo is an acupressure point. Ki is the Japanese word for energy.

Tsuboki uses massage and acupressure techniques to benefit the area worked on and also all the tsubos and meridians in the area worked and beyond! I say ‘and beyond’ because if working on the gallbladder meridian that goes through the face, the whole gallbladder meridian will also have benefitted from this.

Tsuboki Hand Massage

We use our hands constantly – they work very hard for us and we tend to take them for granted!  It is only when they begin to let us down with arthritis, loss of grip or dexterity that we realise how important they are!

There are thousands of sensory nerve ending in the hands, so they are particularly sensitive to touch. The whole body is mapped out on the hands just as it is on the feet.  There are also 6 meridians and 49 acupressure points on the hand and lower arms, and by working these we can have a profound effect on the body and on the mind and emotions.

There is no need to undress to have this wonderful therapy and it can be performed sitting, lying or reclining hence suitable for people with disabilities too.

Tsuboki massage is beneficial for these hard working parts of our body and can help release tension, increase flexibility and pay attention to all the important areas of your body running through  the meridians your hands.

 Your hands and forearms are massaged, kneaded and stroked.

Allowing tensions to be  soothed away leaving your hands feeling soft, supple and relaxed.


Stage one massage to the forearms as most of the muscles that move the fingers are in the forearms.  This reduces tension in the forearm and increases circulation to the hand.

Stage two massage of the hands without lubrication to get into all the nooks and crannies & reach the tiny muscles.  Massage helps to keep the many joints of the fingers flexible and healthy. Crystals are also used during this stage to impart their healing qualities onto the skin and beyond.

Stage three massage of the hands with lubrication to pamper the hands & prepare them for stage four, as the more relaxed the tissues are, the more easily the meridians can be accessed.

Stage four working more than 49 tsubos and 6 meridians on the hands and forearms. The meridians on the arms work the Fire and Metal elements and are particularly linked with calming and detoxing – two very useful qualities in today’s world.

Tsuboki Face Massage

We have more than 50 tsubos on our face running through 8 meridians.  7 of these meridians are yang meridians, which are more energising meridians and because of this clients often report feeling deeply relaxed, but balanced and energised after a Tsuboki Facial Massage

A Tsuboki Face massage works on deep & superficial muscles of the face, reducing the development of wrinkles, improves the appearance of the skin,  & encourages the elimination of metabolic waste products. It is the equivalent of a natural facelift!

The stimulation of acupressure points and meridians will help to balance the whole body and includes:

· Neck massage

· Detailed face massage

· 50 acupressure points

· 8 meridians

· Lymphatic drainage

The Japanese believe that beauty is more than skin deep. The fantastic thing about Tsuboki Japanese face massage is that it works on many levels at the same time, from the inside and the outside.

By working SUPERFICIALLY, we improve skin tone and lymph flow.

By working with the MUSCLES at a deeper level, we can positively affect muscle tone and general appearance.

By working the MERIDIANS that run through the face, we can balance the health in the whole body. In addition, many of the TSUBOS have a specific beneficial effect on the appearance of the face.

By working with the LYMPHATIC system, we encourage the removal of metabolic waste products.


Stage one massage to the neck & shoulders to increase circulation to the face and reduce tension in these areas.

Stage two a detailed face massage with oil including traditional Japanese massage techniques. Crystals are also used during this stage to impart their healing qualities onto the skin and beyond.

Stage three working more than 50 tsubos and 8 meridians.

Stage four lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins.

Face massage is incredibly relaxing to receive, but 7 of the 8 meridians that run through the face are the yang, or more energising meridians.

This may explain why clients often report feeling deeply relaxed during the massage but balanced and energised afterwards.



In some circumstances Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage may not be appropriate.  If you are in any doubt as to whether the massage is suitable for you, please consult your practitioner.

The cost of either treatment is £35

Neal’s Yard Remedies Organic Remedies products are used during these sessions to give the session a special quality.


Lockdown also gave me time to learn more about Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies products and undertake more training.

I have been running outdoor feet pamper sessions for groups of 5, but as the weather gets more autumnal, I am now offering Facebook Live sessions for feet pampering, facials and hand pampering sessions via private Facebook groups.  If this is of interest to you, please contact me via the comments. Thank you.

Look after yourself and keep safe and well 

Julie x