Just as we wash or shower daily, your chakras benefit from regular cleansing and balancing.

If we have negative thoughts, fears, worries, regrets and these may be absorbed into our chakras.

Imbalances in the chakras can result in feelings of lethargy, fatigue, blocks in creativity and the flow of abundance and physical health problems.

This session combines crystals chosen specifically for your chakras and also channelled energy to cleanse, balance and align your chakras.

It works on the fifth-dimensional chakra system, which works on our twelve chakra system. This helps us to experience optimal health and wellbeing as well as helping us to develop spiritually.

What a Chakra Balance Session Entails:

You can either lie on a couch or sit in a chair.

Crystals will be place either on your chakras or under the couch. You may also be given crystals to hold and these will add their energy to the session.

You will be asked if you would like to be talked into a relaxation.

Hands will be placed a short distance away from your body.

Your chakras (energy centres) will be worked on to cleanse, balance and align the charkas. Energy will be channelled throughout your being, whilst the crystal energy adds to the process.

Cost £40 for approximately an hour session.